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Catalogue Design

Platinum Evara's new collection is thoughtfully created, designed with cues & inspiration from celestial bodies in the universe. And is for women whose values make them stellar beings & whose optimism lights up the world & always brings cheer in trying times. Making her a true ‘celestial beauty’. We wanted to conceptualise and design the look and feel of the catalogue that reflects those values. 

Brochure design_1-12.jpg


We're women celebrating our femininity. Our individuality and in all right – we're celebrating ourselves. 

Everything that makes us a woman of today. The way we own the many facets of being a woman. We're a new perspective on some days, while on others we're fresh voice on the table, an abundance of joy, a fearless stance and all that makes us who we truly are. 

We've tried to marry the campaign thought with the designs and maintained a flow in the copy along the way with an end slate that closes this. Almost like a read through the catalogue that together culminates into something, which is – The joy of being a woman. The joy of being you.

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