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Digital Social Awareness Campaign

Winners never rest. Sleep is for losers. Growth matters. Sleep doesn’t. Restless ambition makes you strong. A good night’s sleep makes you weak. 82% of people were hitting snooze on their sleep. Bombay Dyeing and The Times of India wanted people to snap out of this daydream and take charge of their well-being. And, the #TakeBackSleep campaign was born.


Today, Indians are proud to share that they’re always working, working out, learning, scrolling, multitasking and sleeping, sorry, always awake. We’re always hitting snooze on sleep and have earned the unthinkable title of being the second most sleep-deprived country in the world. In the face of this reality, Bombay Dyeing and the Times of India wanted people to snap out of this nightmare and take charge of their well-being.


#TakeBackSleep is a digital movement that brought to light the significance of sleep in our lives for physical health, mental agility and is a wake-up call to the indifferent approach young adults have towards their sleep routines. Primarily amplified online, it was also vastly supported by TOI platforms in print and other mediums. Launched around Diwali 2019, the campaign was divided into different phases to make India realize the need for proper sleep and avoid falling into a ‘sleep debt.’


We started a  movement online taking off from a series of films followed by an interactive platform where thousands signed up for an engaging quiz, pledged, watched videos, read blogs, explored downloadable content and caught up on campaign conversations.

Next, we set a timer on social media and were instantly present where our audiences were.

The internet became wide awake when we switched from advertising to memevertising with a first-of-its-kind meme roadshow.

We further leveraged Instagram creatively to create sleep reminders for followers using the Countdown Feature, Sleep Facts and even Sleep Stories like lullabies.

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