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App Ui - Ux Design & Conceptialising & Digital Launch

Our financial behaviours are continually evolving from writing cheques for every single payment to trying net banking for many services, from net banking to instant payment solutions, from instant payment solutions to exploring newer technologies.

And ICICI Bank was in search of what will be the next new wave in financial banking. And we created an opportunity for a banking brand to create an end-to-end financial experience ecosystem.

ICICI Bank, as a financial institution, it has always been at the forefront of innovation with industry-first solutions that not only has focused customer convenience but also has transformed user experience.


A banking experience made for the millennials that is built around their everyday life and one that makes them financially cooler. It is meant for the generation who always believes in making every dream, every goal and every story, all mine.

A digital-first hyper-personalised experiential banking platform

Keeping in mind the brand colours, we designed an experience that is well-balanced by neutral tones and the brand's bright, vibrant primary colours.

We made sure that the brand colours don't muscle in on the functional colours that is necessary to conserve affordance.



We focused on building a new-age banking experience for new-age customers. With identifying and redesigning every single touchpoint the user comes in contact with. We didn't just focus on front end design but also worked closely with the bank to change and improve their product offerings and plans to offer and experience that evolves along with their customers.


We combined innovation with experience to market the product in a storytelling style.

And we needed to be where our customers were spending most of their time. 

How Millennial are you?

We created a one-of-its-kind randomizer style quiz filter to drive reach and engagement on Instagram to get more leads.

We gamified this filter by allowing users to opt between two answers. And based on what they selected using a head nod the filter gave them a result. The quiz consisted of Millennial words and when the quiz ended, it showed them know how Millennial they truly are.

How it worked is we asked influencers/content partners to share a video to their stories trying out the quiz filter. And the end of the game filter they will also redirect and talk about the registration for the bank’s upcoming event in their next stories.


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