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Lunkad Realty is a renowned real-estate brand in the Pune market. Over the last 25 years, Lunkad Realty has transformed the real-estate landscape in Pune. The properties are not merely assets but thoughtfully designed spaces creating infinite value.

Against this backdrop of the real estate market, Lunkad Realty has been an epitome of trust and has delivered spaces that stand for its USP. The brief was to recreate an identity for the brand that reflects its high stature.

We wanted to leverage this strong attribute of trust and encapsulate it as a part of its identity. Thus we used three lines in the logo, designed in a way that symbolizes trust, building architecture and growth. These three lines also symbolise the three standing pillars of the brand i.e late Mr Kantilal Lunkad and his two sons Amit and Amol Lunkad.

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